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To Whom This May Concern:

Joe and I are thrilled with our water treatment system. These are only a few reasons why we love it.

  1. No more disgusting smelly drinking water.
  2. No more hard water baths that left us dry and scaly!
  3. No more running clothes in the wash with discoloration and tearing.
  4. No more spending so much money on detergents and softeners.
  5. I love the feel of the soft and silky water when rinsing pots and pans.
  6. No more wear and tear on my hands, finger nails and cuticles. Yeah! My nails are now growing as they should be!
  7. I love drinking this water, can’t get enough of it!
  8. We no longer have to spend money on bottled water that sometimes tasted as nasty as the one at our house!

Thank you, Ron, for coming to our house! I believe we are on our way to a better and healthier life!

Sincerely, Joe & Mary


Thanks a ton for our newly installed water solution! We saw instant results!!

I could not believe the amount of sediment buildup in the pre-tests. The under the counter RO appliance was the right addition to the softener.

The first thing I did was drink a nice big cold glass of water. The connection to our refrigerator is great because the quality of the ice has dramatically improved. My son and I both noticed that the cubes are much clearer than they were before. My cubes lasted all evening in the same glass of water. I had to refill several times.

My wife picked up on the fact that the clothes smelled and looked better the next day. Socks, shirts, pants, everything has a different better feel to it. We are definitely happy with that. She says that she recently noticed hard to remove stain coming out.

She also has the family on a healthy toxicity and fat burning group of products. Several require quite a bit of water consumption so we were relieved to know that we can save on our bottled water spending. Athletically whether it’s walking, swimming, playing tennis or basketball the entire team will have water from “home” in the water jugs from now on.

The girls were excited about their showers and baths. The soap suds are much more full and smoother to the touch than they were before. You can definitely notice the difference. For me… I was so used to aggressively soaping up that I filled up the bottom of the shower stall with suds on my first attempt!

The final and most important early result (according to the kids) that we’ve enjoyed is the taste of our kool-aid. The sweets and sweeter and the fruit flavors are fruitier… again, my kids told me to say that!!

Thanks again for your hard work last week. We will definitely recommend you to our friends.


Dear Ron,

I was a sceptic about your promises of softer skin as I’ve used abundant lotions to soften my hands, arms and legs for the past 10 years and still found myself scratching my itchy dry skin (just like my Mothers). I thought water in Round Rock was soft. It is compared to the tap water I had in Montana. I’ve never had build up of lime around faucets or scum on the glass shower panels which had further convinced me that my water was not really hard, but that is probably due to towel drying after each use.

Yes, I witnessed you testing the water from my tap and was shocked to see the separation of water from what appeared as tiny soft gels at the upper 1/2 inch of the vile. Seeing is not always correct as who knows what you could have added to that test vile.

Well, I could not believe that the first shower I took eliminated my itchy discomfort that even recommendations by my dermatologist did not cure. Also, the first load of towels contained pink and white stripped wash clothes that I use to remove makeup. I had to take a second look as the white was whiter. I held it beside other wash clothes in my cabinet and decided to rewash everything with white. The second fact was that the towel was softer than those in the cabinet.

My regret – why didn’t I make this purchase sooner?

Thank you for enlightening me about water I consume and use on my body and in my home.


S.J. Dillman
Round Rock, TX