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Reverse Osmosis

Pro Series 2500
Reverse Osmosis System

Pro Series Reverse Osmosis Systems feature an excellent pre-treatment design, high quality components and offer high performance. Pro Series systems are designed for higher recovery rates and minimum energy consumption. Experience greater savings with lower maintenance and operation costs when you install a Pro Series Reverse Osmosis System.

  • Pro SeriesFully Equipped and Customizable
  • Higher Recovery Rates
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • High Flow Low-Energy Membranes
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Compact Space Saving Design
  • Individually Wet Tested and Sanitized
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Pro-RO Series
Reverse Osmosis System

The Pro-RO Series is a complete solution that is fully equipped and completely customizable. It requires low maintenance and is very compact and space saving. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty and is made in the USA.

  • Complete Solution
  • High Recovery Rate (Product to Waste Ratio)
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • High Flow Low-Energy Membranes
  • Up to 99% Salt Rejection
  • Individually Tested & Sanitized
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Life-RO Series

Puronics© provides greater flexibility in reverse osmosis systems

The Life-RO series can be custom Manufactured from 150 GPD (gallons per day) to 10,000 GPD.

The Life-RO series can be configured with or without the following options:

  1. Wall mount, floor stand, cabinet, skid mounted or custom frames in powder-coated aluminum, epoxy coated or stainless steel.
  2. Systems mounted on pressure tanks or atmospheric tanks (150 GPD to (3,000)
  3. TDS or Conductivity meters – digital or analog
  4. Standard, cold water or nano-filtration membranes
  5. Stainless steel pressure vessels, PVC or fiberglass
  6. Flow meter – permeate, concentrate and recycle
  7. Pressure gauges – concentrate, differential pre-filter, pump discharge
  8. Valves – concentrate , recycle, pump discharge
  9. Stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pumps standard on 1,800 GPD to 10,800 GPD systems
  10. Stainless steel or brass pumps (150 to 1,200)
  11. Stainless steel components
  12. Low pressure protection – economy switch, electronic or electro-mechanical
  13. Chemical injection
  14. Multiple power options (110/220v -380v -415v, single phase/3 phase, 50/60 hz

Life-RO E Series – 150-10,000 gpd

  • High quality, reverse osmosis water
  • Available in multiple frame and mounting configurations: wall mounted floor stand, powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel
  • Pre-packaged and pre-engineered for ease of use
  • Custom configurations also available

Life-RO XP Series 150-8000 gpd

  • 300 gallon atmospheric tank standard, 65 to 9000 gallon tanks available
  • Liquid level controllers to automatically control the RO
  • Repressurization tank (pressure tank with 7.4 gallon draw down at 20/40 psi)
  • Repressurization pump (3/4HP jet pump which pumps 13 gpm at 30psi and 5 gpm at 50 psi)

Many additional options are available: storage tanks, distribution systems, repressurization systems and a complete line of parts and supplies for all your water treatment applications. Most standard configurations can be shipped in 24 hours. No matter what industry you serve – Spot-Free rinse, Food Service, Life Science, Residential, Commercial or industrial – We have a solution for you.

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