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Clean StationClean StationThe Clean Station is the World’s Most Powerful DFS-Disinfecting Filtration System with a Germ Killing Destruction Rate of 94-100% and a Better than 99.99% Particle Capture at 0.3 Micron size. Better Than HEPA Efficiency!

Clean Your Air with the WORLD’s MOST Effective and Powerful Air Purification System Ever Created

The Most Effective Air Cleaner on the Market Today! Cleans the air in your home better than any system you can buy.

CleanStation Attacks All Three Major Types of Contaminates: Particles Removes 99.99% of particles down to .3microns (the hardest to capture) Bioaerosols and Microorganisms Removes 94-100% of of viruses, bacteria, and mold and fungi Odors/Chemical Vapors-Destroys volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including household cleaning products and odors, paints, pet odors, and dangerous gases. You Can Expect:

  • A cleaner fresh smelling home
  • Less dust and dander, pollen particles, mite and mite waste, bacteria, mold, and fungi
  • Less dangerous airborne Micro-organisms/chemicals/gases
  • Feel better, breathe better and sleep better
  • Better health in general
  • Consistent and efficient performance
  • Ozone free
  • Ease of operation and maintenance

Class II Medical Device Doctor’s Recommend the Clean Station as the World’s Most Advanced Medical Grade Air Cleaning System

  • Better than HEPA Efficiency – 99.99% Collection at 0.3 Micron Size Particles.
  • FDA Listed Class II Medical Device (ISO9001:2 • CE • CSA •UL • EMI)
  • Independent Medical Lab Test Indicates:
  • Virus Killing Rate of 99-100%
  • Bacteria Kill Rate of 98-100%
  • Mold/Fungi Kill Rate of 94-100%
  • Plus this System Includes an Exclusive 8 Stage Filtration System with a Powerful 6 Stage Chemical Adsorption Filter for VOC/Gas Scrubbing
  • Each Unit is Individually Tested and Certified to be Better than HEPA Efficiency

Electronic Control Pan

  • Filter Light – indicates when to service main DFS Filter
  • Bio-Monitor Light -shows DFS germ killing zone is working at peak efficiency
  • Convenient three speed control
  • Low Speed is super quiet – the most silent in the industry

DFS Filter

  • Better than 99.99% particle capture at 0.3 micron size
  • Four times the particle reduction as a similar size HEPA filter
  • Traps microorganisms for continuous germicidal exposure


  • 16 – 18 kv of energy effectively kills the heartiest of Micro-organism
  • 98 – 100% of Viruses
  • 98 – 100% of Bacteria
  • 94 – 100% of Mold and Fungi

Exclusive SSTTM Technology (Spun Sealed Technology) Each filter is spun sealed, guaranteeing a 100% filter seal Dual Air Intake Blower

  • Increases air intake and provides quiet operation

Super Adsorbent Six Stage Pre-Filter

  • Poly Propylene Mesh: Large particle collector of dust, hair, and lint
  • Anti-Microbial: Reduces bacteria growth in filter
  • Carbon Pellets: VOC/Gas Adsorbent
  • Potassium Permanganate: VOC/Gas Adsorbent
  • Anti-Microbial: Reduces bacteria growth in filter
  • Poly Propylene Mesh: Large particle collector of dust, hair, and lint

360º Air Entry Design Allows placement anywhere ensuring all room air is treated