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Whole House

Stainless Steel Water Softener & Filtration System

The FILTRAMAX is the ultimate solution for high quality water throughout the entire house. The FILTRAMAX state-of-the-art features include a #316 stainless steel filter media tank and lead free brass control valve. The FILTRAMAX uses four filter medias to reduce chlorine tastes and odors, reduce iron and turbidity, remove hardness and filter suspended solids. The FILTRAMAX uses Puronics HYgene® filter media which acts as an anti-microbial agent within the filter media bed.

  • Uses four filter medias to treat water
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odors
  • Reduces iron and turbidity
  • Removes hardness and filter suspended solids

New Product!

Puronics® Clarius®
The crystal clear solution for your water problems is now going green

Once again, Puronics© has advanced the technology of water treatment with the development of the new Clarius™ whole-house system. Through the implementation of Green technology, Clarius™ provides high-quality water in a cost effective manner – without the use of salt, potassium or chemicals. You will enjoy the benefits, save money and know you are doing your part to protect the environment.

  • No salt, no potassium, and no chemicals
  • Lead free brass control valve
  • Stainless steel filter media tank
  • Purifex™ media uses green technology to condition water
  • Altapure™ effectively removes suspended solids

Puronics® Terminator®
Stainless Steel Water Conditioner

The Terminator Water Conditioner features Puronics HYgene® Bacteriostatic Filter Media, a NASA technology. The Terminator is the only stainless steel Bacteriostatic water conditioner on the market that has been certified to NSF/ANSI44 standards. Puronics exclusive high capacity resin removes hardness and reduces iron. EPA registered HYgene carbon inhibits bacteria growth within the system, and provides conditioned fresh water throughout your entire household!

  • High capacity resin reduces hardness and iron
  • EPA registered hygene carbon
  • Inhibits bacteria growth within the water system
  • Provides fresh water throughout whole house

New Product!

Puronics® Hydronex®
Water Softener & Filtration System

The Puronics© Hydronex™ whole-house water conditioner provides superior quality water. This cost effective hi-tech system utilizes a computerized control valve to monitor your water usage and maintain optimal effectiveness of the filter media ensuring you always have the highest quality water. The multi-layered filter media tank combines an outer cover of stainless steel with the durability and protection of two additional layers.

  • Patented Solid State Microprocessor controls operation of system
  • Measures water usage to backwash and recharge when necessary
  • Creates auto reserve so you never run out of quality water
  • Double backwash ensures a clean filter media bed
  • Ensures consistent superior quality water

Puronics® Defender®
Water Conditioner

The Puronics® Defender® water conditioner is the budget-minded solution to supplying high quality water in an energy efficient manner. With the affordable Puronics Defender® system, your family can enjoy the benefits of conditioned water without any worry of sinking under the cost. Both the conditioner and its high-density impact resistant brine tank are guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty. Even consumers with the most challenging water supplies depend on the Puronics® Defender® to meet their needs with the highest quality water and most efficient performance available.

  • Provides salt savings of up to 40% over conventional systems
  • 6-Cycle Control Valve, Durable, corrosion resistant construction
  • Accurately measures required salt dosage for extremely efficient regeneration process