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Filters & Parts

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We stock replacement filters, membranes and parts for all Puronics, Ionics and Fidelity products, including the ones listed below. For more information, please contact us for pricing.

Supported Products Include:

  • MICROMAX 4000 Reverse Osmosis System
  • MICROMAX 4500 Reverse Osmosis System
  • MICROMAX 5500 Reverse Osmosis System
  • DWS 1000 Drinking System
  • HY2 Drinking System
  • GI Reverse Osmosis System
  • ION Reverse Osmsis System
  • FILTRAMAX 55 Whole House Treatment System
  • FILTRAMAX 68 Whole House Treatment System
  • FILTRAMAX 73 Whole House Treatment System
  • FILTRAMAX 78 Whole House Treatment System
  • IQ820B Water Conditioner
  • IQ1030B Water Conditioner
  • IQ1240B Water Conditioner

We stock soap products from the following manufacturers:

  • Cal Ben Soap Company
  • Liquid Soap Company
  • Ultra Soap Company

For More Information: